October 2021 SeekOut Product Update

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Our SeekOut product team has been hard at work to help you power faster, more complex searches and deliver even more candidate results. Our October 2021 release delivers enhanced power filters, improved Software Developer Insights, time zone distance on candidate profiles, and 20 million new candidate profiles with fresh information.

Let’s dig into the updates and what you can expect.  

Enhanced Power Filters 

Power filters allow you to run complex, targeted searches with a single click. They’re one of our most popular features and we’ve made them even more powerful with this update to increase efficiency, insights, and explain-ability: 

  • Faster, more complex searches – You can now combine up to five power filters in a single search and we’ve shortened the time it takes to return search results. 
  • Power filter values in People Insights – SeekOut now includes a numerical value in People Insights showing how many candidates match a particular power filter, so users have more insightful talent pool data for the searches they run. 

Introducing Power Filter Badges 

SeekOut now displays badges on profiles for candidates who match specific power filters—even before a search is run.  

Displaying these badges on the top of profiles makes it faster and easier for talent acquisition professionals to quickly see the most relevant candidate characteristics without having to scan the whole profile during their search. 

If you want to see why a candidate matches a particular power filter, click “More” on their badge. It will expand and show the terms on their profile that make them a match.  

Improved Software Developer Insights 

We improved Software Developer Insights to surface data, making it faster and easier to understand. Results will now display: 

  • A word cloud of the most common skills and power filter matches present in the talent pool. 
  • A chart of the most common programming languages known by candidates in the talent pool. 

The Skills Insights chart has been updated to give a quick visual overview of the talent pool. 

Introducing Time Zone Distance 

With remote and hybrid work being the new normal, Time Zone Distance shows talent acquisition professionals the time difference between them and the candidate.

More Profiles and Fresher Candidate Information 

Public profiles have expanded from 622 million to 642 million candidate profiles, all with fresher and more accurate information. This update includes 5% more Expert Profiles with improved diversity classification and location mapping in the Expert database. 

Discover Your Next Great Team Member with SeekOut 

The entire team at SeekOut is always striving to help our customers discover and connect with great candidates—with a focus on diversity and technical expertise. We hope these changes make your sourcing and recruiting easier and more enjoyable. As always, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can continue to improve SeekOut to make you more successful.