Announcement: We have 3 exciting announcements to kick off the new year!

As always, our product updates are driven by direct feedback from our customers, and we received some particularly valuable input from several of the 39 new enterprise customers who joined the SeekOut family over the last quarter.

We are incredibly appreciative of this feedback and partnership who are using and contributing to SeekOut every day.

Update #1: SeekOut Chrome Extension Enhancements

Our first update is a significant enhancement to our SeekOut Chrome Extension, which is available for free download with no subscription required.

This enhancement delivers a brand-new user interface as well as exciting new functionality leveraging the power of the SeekOut sourcing engine directly in your browser with when searching for candidates in Google, GitHub and LinkedIn.

In addition to these new capabilities, the SeekOut Chrome Extension will continue to enable the same great features available in the previous version, including: 

Download the extension for free and see it for yourself!


Update #2: Simplifying the Admin User Experience

The second major update in January was an improvement to the admin user experience.

Many of our large customers are using SeekOut across multiple departments and teams who each have different sourcing and recruiting objective and goals. This new feature allows the admin to allocate licenses by across each of these teams, significantly simplifying license management. This means you can spend less time managing licenses, and more time finding great candidates.

Update #3: Improvements to GitHub Emails Algorithm

Our third update is an improvement to the quality of our contact email and phone numbers for candidates in our GitHub index. This means that you’ll get additional information on your candidates when searching GitHub.