SeekOut is excited to unveil the latest innovation to our AI-powered Talent Search Engine: Enhanced Clearance Filters, a game-changer in helping our customers find cleared candidates for their mission critical government, defense, aerospace, and intelligence roles.

Enhanced Clearance Filters deliver 5 times more cleared candidate search results than any other tool, provide the industry’s most precise control over clearance level searches, and is directly integrated with SeekOut’s AI-powered talent search engine so you can discover and engage great cleared candidates instantly. 

From systems engineers to hypersonics experts, sourcing cleared candidates that have specific, hard-to-find skillsets is one of the top challenges we hear from our customers. 

It’s no surprise that this is top of mind for many SeekOut customers. Over 10,000 companies are searching for cleared candidates, and nearly 1% of the total open jobs in the US require a security clearance. 

These companies are pursuing an elusive pool of cleared candidates. Many cleared candidates do not list their clearance level on their public profile.  

Until now, recruiters have had two primary strategies for sourcing cleared candidates: 


Cleared Candidate Sourcing in SeekOut 

At SeekOut, our AI-powered talent search engine builds a comprehensive view of each candidate by combining: 

To power our Enhanced Clearance Filters, we infer each candidate’s clearance level from their recent job experience. 

More specifically, we analyzed 25 million US job postings to discover which combination of company, title, and location require a security clearance. From this, we create a model of the clearance requirements for any role. If a candidate is in a role which requires a particular clearance, we infer they have the security clearance even if they don’t list it on their public profile. 

Here’s an example: AcmeCorp has had 20 open roles for Electrical Engineers with some roles in Denver and others in Chicago. All the JDs of the Denver-based roles list TS SCI clearance as a requirement, but the Chicago roles do not. SeekOut infers that any AcmeCorp Electrical Engineer in Denver have TS SCI clearance – regardless of what they choose to write on their public profile. 

This groundbreaking approach powers SeekOut’s Enhanced Clearance Filters, delivering the industry’s most powerful cleared candidate sourcing solution, including: 

Learn more about how Enhanced Clearance Filters work on our website or on the support page. 


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John Tippett, Head of Product